Possbile solution to stop marine rambo-ing.

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So I was thinking the other day about marines going off rambo, which is a common problem it seems.
Even if you try and stay as a group, someone will inevitably get impatient and run off ahead and get killed.
It seems to be less of a problem with more experienced players but it's still quite frequent.

I was thinking perhaps when a skulk leaps on a marine, he gets knocked over and mauled. Picture a dog attacking someone.
This would mean that skulks would be able to pick off a single marine easier, but while the skulk is on top of them they become a sitting duck to any supporting marines.

The downside to this is that it would change combat quite a bit, but it might be a bit more graceful compared to jumping up and down and circle strafing constantly.
It also brings the risk of being overpowered since you will get packs of skulks all simultaneously taking out groups of rines.
So you might have to make it only when leap is available rather than available straight away in the round.
Or make it take a while to actually kill the marine, giving the marine a second chance for a teammate to show up.
Or give a way for the marine to counter it with a well timed rifle butt.
It would need some kind of drawback to stop skulks from using it all the time, but enough to be a threat to marines to not wander off alone.

Just a thought.


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    Even though it would be cool, it doesn't really fit into the game imho. Imagine a group of skulks attacking a group of marines and all marines end up on the ground fighting skulks on their chest. Now add a fade, which will just 1 hit every marine laying there.

    I think the onos should stay the only one kicking marines off their feet (if there should be any crowd control like this at all).
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    Eh, the onos knock back is already a bit buggy and OP as it is (good luck getting up once you get knocked down)

    Skulks already have a huge amount of agility by jumping and bouncing off walls making them hard to kill (I've tore through a squad of 4 marines alone). If anything they are the one thing about the game that is pretty much perfect.
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    So your solution to solo marines getting killed by skulks is to make it easier for skulks to kill them?
    This is the kind of thing that goes on behind close doors on normal game releases, where they are optimizing it right up until the end. You guys are just getting to play with a version of the game that normally only the developers see.

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    Anything that removes control from your character is just frustrating and doesn't fit a FPS game imo. Which is why I hate the current Onos attack also, there is nothing you can do when it knocks you down, even devour was less frustrating since you at least had a chance of surviving if your fellow marines kill the Onos.
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    sure, going as a team is usually better over all as you can cover each other. but sometimes, going alone can be quite useful for your team in terms of scouting, distracting or saving extractors... you die easily enough as it is, i don't think it should be "punished" as there are plenty of downsides already. i think people already realise they have better chances of survival if they go as a group.
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    This game is a team based game yes but it does not have a rule to not rambo or not to stray away from team mates some people loves to be rambo. I also love it most of the times. So find something to aliens which are soloing power nodes while hive is under attack. Will you make a short circuit on them if they bite a power node when hive is under attack?
    edit1: Btw i forgot to mention, if you make skulls overpower 1 marine, that means most of the egoist gonna hunt skulks 1v1 like me :) cuz we love hard achived things!
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    So, making the skulk into the NS2 Hunter? This works well in L4D1/2, but I'm not sure it would translate well to NS2.
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    Solo marines eventually learn that they die alot. Its not a real issue.
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