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Been a while since I've logged into the forums, but for the last several days I have found myself addicted to Natural Selection 2, much the same way I was addicted to Natural Selection in the months leading up to its 1.0 release. The game feels like its much further along than when I first purchased the limited edition many moons ago, and I just can't put it down. I was never a very loud voice in the community, but I was there nonetheless. Particularly some may remember me from the competative playbase with a few clans back in the day as ir.c(with infinite reverence) and as apex.Cole for the first ever pre-season of CAL.

So I threw together my first ever blog post in hopes it will get some attention in a decent sized community over at 1up.com. The website frequently selects user's blog posts on the landing page, which acts very well as word of mouth from one gamer's opinion to the next. Please help get the word out on NS by participating in this blog posting however you see fit. I know that with more attention, this game will get better and better, and 1up is a wonderful community of gamers, many of which I'm sure would love to learn more about this game.

Heres the link:

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