Death/Kill messages to console

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This would be a nice addition, as sometimes you don't see in the heat of the battle who you killed, especially as a kharaa. They're already printed to server log (line 189 in Player_Server.lua), but for some reason not to the console.

Also if it were in different colour than speech or script errors, that would be good for quickly finding what you want. TSA killing Kharaa in blue, Kharaa killing TSA in that orangish yellow.


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    QUOTE (Floodinator @ Feb 28 2012, 08:41 PM) »
    it's always a good idea to kill swalk or he will kill you.
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    Utilizing this thread for a hijack, I'd like to be able to easily turn kill notifications off.
    I rely on team communication over names, it does NOT mean jack shirt to me if someone killed John Doe or Jane Foe.
    If someone yells "COMM DOWN", that's an entirely different story, though.
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    +1 to OP.
    robB is right, kills are not that important since the pres bonus is gone (unless its an evolved lifeform or a very well-equipped marine).

    however, it can be quite important to know if certain buildings have been destroyed. in case there is different color for those messages, i think the buildings deserve a special color in the console as well.
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    I'm sure these will show up in the console at some point in the future. It's pretty standard, just wait til they get around to coding it.
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