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To get people to "try out" the game until launch
I imagine NS2 will likely have a free to play weekend or two once it is officially launched, but in the mean time, it is very difficult to convince friends to plop down $35 for a game they've never heard of which is indie to boot, as many people worry about how active an indie multiplayer game's community can possibly be (though this one is the exception)!

That said, I know if people try this game they'll like it -- is it at all possible to pump out a separate set of keys that people can input on steam that will invalidate after a certain amount of time/when the game launches? This way people can try it out for free, and build excitement.

So far the only way I've been able to get a handful of my friends to buy it and play it is to offer to reimburse them if they don't like it :P luckily, I haven't had to do that yet, but man, I really want to help out as much as I can.

Is something like this possible? And if it has been mentioned before, I am deeply sorry.


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    One of the benefits or preordering is the beta itself, your friends will have to wait if they want to try it out.

    Which is probably for the best, if they are not sure now, then what better than the full finished game to convince them?
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    I was thinking of starting a thread for a cheap beta access, like say one to five dollars.

    That way one can play the beta, not drop a ###### ton of cash, experience the game a bit, understand that it is a beta.
    It'll increase the player base because there's about 73 servers or so consistently with approximately five to fifteen of them being fully operating games, which we're generally leaning towards the lower end unfortunately, in my experience. (I play all the ###### time since I found out about this. NS1 made my mind boner rock hard. NS2 Makes it so I have achieved mind boner nirvana, Kama Sutra style like gorge on onos while marines watch type thing.)

    This way the developers would be getting a larger influx of feedback whilst increasing the player base in the testing phase. And you could get money to accommodate the influx of noobs who won't understand right away that it's laggy because it's a beta. More money for development... and pizza.

    By pizza I mean make it less laggy so people don't migrate away whilst getting their pretty little toes wet, eh?

    I'm just kinda curious as to how a company like this would handle a fairly moderate influx of players who become repeat regular players.

    Call it a PREVIEW PASS or something, and make it good for until game launches and then a couple weeks after that with a gradual shut down so people can transition from unfinished beta content and servers that are dying, to a finished product with a growing *hopefully, right?* population with stable servers and jolly good times, chaps.

    I'd make this easier to read, but ###### that. Gotta play NS before my day off disappears.

    <3's to the NS team, you guys probably need a little bump of cash I'm sure? Just not an EA sized, end of Scarface pile of extorting the player population type thing. Even though THE WORLD IS YOURS
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    This isn't really worth 35 dollars yet lol, i love the game but c'mon it's like 3 maps and terrible performance (i have a pretty godly computer and it still lags sometimes). Just wait till it's good so your friends aren't pissed when they pay the money and download it.
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    Once the game releases they should just do free weekends on steam. Or eventually also give (unlimited) gift passes to anyone who owns NS2, so they can send them to friends which then are able to test the full game for something like 2-3 days.
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