Problem with key binding

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Makes playing as a commander much harder

I play with the arrow keys and use the buttons around them for jumping, crouching, weapon slots etc. So I have binded right CTRL for crouch and numpad 0, numpad 1, numpad 4, numpad 7 and page down as for the weapons slots. Thats the setup Iam used to have with all shooter games over the years and it works fine with this as well, except when I try to be a commander.

The problem is that even tho other quick keys work as they should, hotkeying buildings is bit too complicated and using them effectively nearly impossible. If I press left CTRL + 1 nothing happens.

I have to press right CRTL + numpad 0 to get a building hotkeyed. And of course when I want to select it again I need to press numpad 0 which is on the other side of the keyboard from the other hotkeys needed for a commander! So if I want to hop into the chair I need to go and change my key bindings and then change them back when I get out of the chair which isn't very convenient.

I see two possible solutions to fix it so binding different keys than default will still make commanding possible the way its meant to be with default setup.

1.) Make it so that changing any key binds doesn't effect the commander key setup
2.) Add a possibility to put a secondary key for every button like it is in many other games. That way I could bind CTRL and weapon slots to their default places and still have my own key setup working as I want it to work while not commanding.

Iam no programmer, but I feel like this should be fairly easy to fix and would make my gaming experience much better and others too who uses the arrow keys. :)
Thanks in advance!


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    It's also really annoying to me that the F key is used as a commander to select buildings and powers, since it's my push to talk key.

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    I tryed to play as a commander the other day and it gets frustrating without hotkeyed buildings. So it got me wondering that could it be possible to edit one of the game files which contains the key binds and perhaps that way add another key for the same action?
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