Making an entire map almost exclusively with props / minimizing use of Spark geometry

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Hi all! I'm having a lot of fun with NS2, and being a veteran mapper means I'm going to have to make a map for this here game.

I'm curious to hear possible drawbacks of making a large percentage of a map in 3DSMax/Blender. Spark's geometry and texturing tools are still in their infancy, so minimizing their use will speed up workflow enormously.

Obviously you don't want to make an entire map's room geometry from a single prop since occlusion needs segmented geometry and props to be able to work. My preference would be to make basic room and hallway geometry from props, then decorate with smaller props as usual.

Modifying and moving rooms or hallways to adjust gameplay after-the-fact will obviously be more difficult, but maps are supposed to be tested without texturing/lighting first anyway.


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    Ya it's possible, I've already made a hallway from 95% props. I'd show you but I'm on the wrong PC.

    There are downsides to this, mainly a higher poly count, and the need for 'clipping' to obtain a smooth walking experience if you have a bumpy prop floor.

    Check out these tutorials for geometry. This guy taught me a lot, and I went back and remade some things and learned a fair deal about optimizing geometry.

    Then check out this tutorial, this will help you see why geometry has worth in Spark, you'll be surprised by this guys little tricks!

    Good luck to ya!
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