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F2Try cartoon MMO with Final Fantasy Tactics combat
I'm a fan of the show of the same name (the first season at least), but you don't need to be to check this game out.
It's free to try, but you have to be a subscriber to do most things other than walking around fighting monsters.

There's the usual crafting/harvesting professions, though instead of stuff respawning out of thin air you have ecosystems where you have to extract seed from monsters(!!) or prune cuttings from trees to plant later... or rather, some places have ecosystems. Others just respawn stuff out of thin air.

I've given it a whirl and will admit the combat system was pretty neat, played as an archer-type Cra and would try and fight enemies from high ground and block stairways with a "beacon" (thingy you can summon for MP and then shoot to deal splash damage) so they'd be unable to get close. Usually wouldn't create the arena such that I could do that though.

But ultimately it feels like it would've been soooo much cooler as a singleplayer game where you control a party of dudes.
Of course, being unable to team up as a non-subber doesn't help...


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    QUOTE (Align @ Mar 2 2012, 07:31 PM) »
    being unable to team up as a non-subber

    What the hell.

    I can't decide what's more retarded - this, or Spiral Knights' "unless you cough up the money, we will severely restrict your daily playing time, thereby preventing you from getting hooked and depriving you of the desire to cough up the money to play more" business model.
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    I might have been wrong about that, was able to join a fight with someone else fighting a big monster. Though they were rather higher level than me, so might've been that you can't join other non-subbers, but non-subbers can join you (if you're a subber).
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    QUOTE (lolfighter @ Mar 2 2012, 10:55 PM) »
    What the hell.


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