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Hi, I am a fan of Natural Selection from Turkey, and I would love to buy the closed beta, but I think I have a bit of a problem. I live in Istanbul, and we don't really have dedicated servers of NS2 in Turkey, as people don't know the game, and Latency could ruin the game for me. I was thinking if there were servers in Germany, or in other places that are near to me. That was my first question. The second is if there are active players playing the game. I have seen enough topics in this forum and Unknown Worlds says that there are 30k players. But do you guys have trouble finding games? I am sorry if these question were asked and answered before, and thanks in advance! :)


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    There are definitely servers in Germany and other places in Europe, in fact one of the most renowned (for actually working) - HBZ - is in Germany.
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    There are definitely German servers for NS2: http://www.play4dead.com/ns2/ (click on the orange text at the top). That link also shows the current playercount for the NS2 servers. I've never had trouble finding a server with people to play on.
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