Cysts are like pimples on someone's face

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I've wroten about this already, and i also heard that Cysts are just placeholders.

But i'm not sure if what he said was about that the design of cysts. All I don't like is how it looks, not the function. It works actually already well somehow. But i'm against how it looks.

Just like pimples on the face, on the infestation, it doesn't look good at all. Just like BIG pimple, disturbation.
Just Too clean and too bright to be infestation-producer.

So, are you planning to change those designs of cyst? Or if it's just placeholder, how will it gonna look like finally? I hope if it becomes more smaller and dirty. Barely being able to be recognized at distance.


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    The current design is just the inner part of the Crag structure. But yeah we did have a design sketch by cory somewhere on these here forums. Lemme see if I can dig that thread up...

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    The cysts look so juicy, making them all the more fun to "pop" them as a marine :)
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    Lovely zits aren't they?
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