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An in-game light editor
Radiance is a real-time light and sound editor.

Download Radiance

System Requirements
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile

Getting Started
  1. Extract Radiance.zip
  2. Run MapExtractor/Rebuilder.exe
  3. Select the level that you want to edit
    Optional: Select the folder that you want to save backups to.
    Backups will be created in this folder with the naming convention of mapname_{n}.level (e.g. ns2_summit_1.level, ns2_summit_2.level, etc.)
  4. Click Extract entities to allow this the level to be loaded into Radiance
  5. When the entities are extracted, run Radiance/Run NS2 + Radiance.exe
    (Note: keep Rebuilder.exe open while using Radiance)
  6. Create a new server on the map that you are going to edit.
  7. When the level has loaded up, type radiance into the console
  8. Modify the map and press F8 to save the changes when you are finished
  9. Rebuilder.exe will automatically detect the changes and saves the changes to the .level file. It will also create a backup beforehand if a backup folder has been supplied
  10. When the level has been rebuilt, it is safe to load up the level in the level editor
  11. Make changes to the level and save the map
  12. Rebuilder.exe will automatically detect the changes to the level and extract the entities
  13. When Rebuilder finishes extracting the entities, type radiance into the console in NS2 to resync with the changes from the level editor

F2: Brings up the mouse cursor
Left click: Select the entity that the mouse is over
Ctrl + Left click: Selects additional entities
F4: Deselect selected entities

F3: Create an ambient sound
Shift + F3: Create a reverb
F9: Create a point light
Shift + F9: Create or select the fog control
F10: Create a spot light
F11: Create an ambient light
Shift + F11: Create a fog area modifier

Left click drag on an entity: Move the entity
Alt + Left click: Selected spot lights will look to where your mouse is pointing
Shift + Left click: Moves the selected entity to where your mouse is pointing
Ctrl + H: Brings up the HSV editor

Numpad 8: Move the selected entities forward
Numpad 2: Move the selected entities backward
Numpad 4: Move the selected entities leftward
Numpad 6: Move the selected entities rightward
Numpad 9: Move the selected entities upward
Numpad 3: Move the selected entities downward

F5: Undo
F6: Redo
F8: Save
Ctrl+U: Updates all the radii for the lights. Use this if a light isn't rendering properly

Download Radiance
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  • MaxMax Technical Director, Unknown Worlds Entertainment Join Date: 2002-03-15 Member: 318Posts: 1,733 admin
    I'm impressed you are updating the map to save the changes. Very cool.
    Max McGuire
    Technical Director, Unknown Worlds Entertainment
  • simon kamakazisimon kamakazi Join Date: 2009-04-28 Member: 67296Posts: 152 Fully active user
    dude this looks great
  • WilsonWilson Join Date: 2010-07-26 Member: 72867Posts: 1,397
    edited November 2011
    Sexy! Really awesome dude.
    In-game name: Wilson

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  • aeroripperaeroripper Join Date: 2005-02-25 Member: 42471Posts: 2,347 mod
    edited November 2011
    This looks amazingly useful. I thought the editor already updated the lighting dynamically, does loading the actual map in the game change very much? Are more lights added when the map loads than what is displayed in the editor? Also, do these remixed maps work on servers running the normal version? I imagine you would run into consistency issues if that was the case. Please forgive my ignorance.

    So theoretically you could light your entire map in realtime in the game, then save the map like that? I imagine that would save an immense amount of time than getting everything just right in the editor, then loading it up and having it look different in the game due to height differences and such. Ideally, you would want your mouse to control the x,y,z of these light placements, so it would be even easier to flesh out lighting in your rooms. Simply create a light at the cursor, then drag it with the mouse to where you want it.
  • FlayraFlayra Game Director, Unknown Worlds Entertainment San Francisco Join Date: 2002-01-22 Member: 3Posts: 6,941 admin
    Charlie Cleveland
    Game Director, Unknown Worlds Entertainment
  • KalabalanaKalabalana Join Date: 2003-11-14 Member: 22859Posts: 1,048 Fully active user
    Seeing this sort of community development makes me very excited
  • JibrailJibrail Join Date: 2009-04-16 Member: 67200Posts: 867 Fully active user
    nothing short of amazing, this just shows the engine's capabilities and the true talent we have here in our little community.
  • RulgrokRulgrok Join Date: 2007-04-04 Member: 60559Posts: 196
    Someone give this man a _____________
    insufficient funds

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  • DY357LXDY357LX Playing since day 1. Still can't Comm. England Join Date: 2002-10-27 Member: 1651Posts: 2,309 Fully active user
    Holy Crap "Onos Ate Me"! This is superb! Well done, keep up the awesome work.
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  • culpritculprit Join Date: 2005-01-07 Member: 33527Posts: 311 Fully active user
    edited November 2011
    Is this multi-user capable or could it be made to work with multiple players making edits? That would be super awesome. You could have teams of lighting designers running around a map making tweaks!

    This is really great tool even for a single user! Tools like this show how Spark is truly a robust 3D development platform.
  • twilitebluetwiliteblue bug stalker Join Date: 2003-02-04 Member: 13116Posts: 1,974 Advanced user
    What a fantastic tool for mappers! I love those modified lighting on Summit!
  • Onos Ate MeOnos Ate Me Join Date: 2010-12-31 Member: 76072Posts: 41 Fully active user
    QUOTE (culprit @ Nov 15 2011, 08:33 PM) »
    Is this multi-user capable or could it be made to work with multiple players making edits? That would be super awesome. You could have teams of lighting designers running around a map making tweaks!

    This is really great tool even for a single user! Tools like this show how Spark is truly a robust 3D development platform.

    Multiplayer editing is disabled right now for security and project scope reasons. It's possible to edit maps on servers with other players playing vanilla ns but they wont see the changes.

    Those that really want multiplayer editing right now could enable, in theory, if the host changes the source code on line 24 in Server.cs in the Radiance.Server project from:
    public readonly string UrlPrefix = "http://localhost:24852/";
    public readonly string UrlPrefix = "http://+:24852/";

    then running this command in cmd.exe:
    netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:24852/app user=domain\user

    and connecting players change line 6 in Mod/lua/Radiance.lua from:
    Server = "http://localhost:24852",
    Server = "http://<radiance host ip>:24852",

    This is a huge security risk for the host however as there is no authentication or safety measures in place when saving and anyone on the internet would be able to connect to the server. Multiplayer (that is safe) is one of my top priorities for the next version but that might not come for a week or two.
  • SmaugSmaug Join Date: 2011-05-23 Member: 100283Posts: 138
    edited November 2011
    Does this come in multiplayer?

    Working on a map with a friend, would be amazing if we could both do this together and have it to save it to one/both computers.

    This mod is a godsend, thank you.

    Edit: Nevermind!
  • ObraxisObraxis Subnautica Animator, NS2 Person Join Date: 2004-07-24 Member: 30071Posts: 2,759 admin
    Very impressive work there! Great stuff - I'll be using this with my map. Thanks! :D
  • BarerRudeROCBarerRudeROC Join Date: 2010-10-01 Member: 74264Posts: 256
    Nothing short of impressive.
    Well done!
  • snooopssnooops Join Date: 2008-12-08 Member: 65702Posts: 85
    Wow thats really cool!!! How much time did you spent for this?
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  • InsaneInsane Anomaly Join Date: 2002-05-13 Member: 605Posts: 3,902 admin
    Wow, impressive! And that shot of the golden lighting bursting up between the floor panels looks really cool.
  • SewlekSewlek The programmer previously known as Schimmel Join Date: 2003-05-13 Member: 16247Posts: 2,338 Fully active user
  • pSyk0mAnpSyk0mAn Nerdish by Nature Germany Join Date: 2003-08-07 Member: 19166Posts: 1,522 Advanced user
    Holy crap, that's amazing!
    Good job!

  • Electr0Electr0 Join Date: 2011-10-31 Member: 130337Posts: 349
    Very cool indeed, this will make lighting a map much more enjoyable, editor performance sucks when you turn lights on, i don't get how there can be such a difference in performance between the two, ideally they need to use the same engine and make it so you can jump in and out of the map like you're actually playing, similar to the crysis editor. :D
  • playerplayer Join Date: 2010-09-12 Member: 73982Posts: 1,677
    I like how you're using round-trip web-requests to escape the Lua-sandbox, very clever thinking indeed.
  • FloodinatorFloodinator [HBZ] Member Join Date: 2005-02-22 Member: 42087Posts: 1,301
    People like you make wan't to learn programing!
    Really nice tool and its fun to mess around with the lights on the actual maps.
  • ZekZek Join Date: 2002-11-10 Member: 7962Posts: 4,688 Fully active user
    QUOTE (Onos Ate Me @ Nov 15 2011, 09:37 PM) »

    Finally someone that understands real next-gen lighting. Take notes, UWE.
  • Kouji_SanKouji_San Sr. Hινε Uρкεερεг - EUPT Deputy The Netherlands, Hoogezand Join Date: 2003-05-13 Member: 16271Posts: 14,153 Advanced user
    Amazing stuffs, I want this in SparkE... Somehow this feels like the start of Gmod for NS2 :P

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  • KoruyoKoruyo AUT Join Date: 2009-06-06 Member: 67724Posts: 1,702 Fully active user
    edited November 2011
    Wow, really cool stuff!!!

    Now i wish, this would work as a basic feature from the map editor...

    So you could kinda jump from editor view into ingame view (so no need to start an extra session of the game) where you can change stuff like this mod (which feels kinda like gmod)
    + have some kind of multiplayer feature so you could share a mapping session and do stuff live on the same map with multiple ppl over the internet...

    Kinda like Crysis2 editor made a baby with Gmod.

    Why dont we get this?

    PS: Why dont we have light bouncing/radiosity, translucency/sss in spark yet btw?
    Will any of this come at some point?
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  • LPCLPC Join Date: 2002-04-07 Member: 384Posts: 303
    massive... west stains massive.... booyakasha
  • NurEinMenschNurEinMensch Join Date: 2003-02-26 Member: 14056Posts: 1,352
    This is really cool! One thing I don't understand though. Isn't the editor supposed to do that already? I thought that was one of the selling points. I haven't really worked with the editor much, so maybe I am missing the obvious.
    This is the kind of thing that goes on behind close doors on normal game releases, where they are optimizing it right up until the end. You guys are just getting to play with a version of the game that normally only the developers see.

  • ObraxisObraxis Subnautica Animator, NS2 Person Join Date: 2004-07-24 Member: 30071Posts: 2,759 admin
    I've webbed/pinned this topic :-) Don't want it lost to the void.
  • WheeeeWheeee Join Date: 2003-02-18 Member: 13713Posts: 4,262 Fully active user
    adding to the chorus of praise. +1
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  • ScardyBobScardyBob ScardyBob Join Date: 2009-11-25 Member: 69528Posts: 4,983 mod
    +1 to the op's awesomeness and for making this part of the Spark tools.

    I also wonder if all this cool stuff is heading towards an engine that will let mappers make maps while in-game rather than with an out-of-game editing tool. At the very least, allowing mappers to tweak moderate to major pieces of their map (think moving tech/res/power node locations, lighting, adding/deleting/changing props, etc) in-game would be a great addition to the spark engine imo.
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