Alien upgrade and ability ideas

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A few things i came up with
Here is a list of some possible upgrades and abilities for the Kharaa. Discuss and post your own.


Rage: An upgrade which causes a Skulk's attack strength and speed to increase in correlation to its health. For every X% of damage suffered, attack strength and speed is increased by X%. These effects are reversed when the Skulk is healed.


Venomous Bile: Replaces Bile Bomb if purchased, a Gorge with this ability can vomit on Lerks and Hydras to increase the damage potential of their ranged, projectile attacks for X amount of seconds. When vomited on, a Hydra's and a Lerk's spikes are covered in a venomous fluid that continues to inflict damage on any Frontiersmen hit, causing 4 points of damage per second for 5 seconds.

Reinforced Chitin: Replaces Bile Bomb if purchased, a Gorge with this ability can vomit a highly viscous substance onto alien buildings and players. This substance then hardens causing a building's or player's armour to increase and absorb all damage inflicted by projectile based weaponry (shotguns, pistols etc) diverting it away from their health. This comes at the cost of movement (a whip or skulk vomited on will move at a slower pace) and flamethrowers and grenades will ignore this.

Symbiotic Parasite: Replaces Hydra if purchased, a Gorge with this ability can attach a small parasitic life form onto alien structures, improving their performance. A Symbiotic parasite will increase the speed of a buildings passive ability (Whips attack faster, Crages heal faster, Harvesters gather resources faster etc), buildings regain energy and research upgrades at a faster pace and buildings under construction can have a parasite attached to them to speed up the building process. If a parasite's host is cut off from infestation, then the parasite will die within 60 seconds, the parasite will also be killed instantly if the host is set on fire. It's effects cannot be stacked, no more than one can be placed on one building and it costs 5 Pres per parasite.


Predator's Mark: Alters the Lerk's Snipe ability if purchased, this ability grants the Lerk a parasite based attack similar to the Skulk's. When in snipe mode instead of firing a spike at high velocity, a Lerk will launch a Parasitic organism which will berry it's self into the flesh of its target, releasing toxins that disorientate it's victim whilst drawing the attention of nearby alien organisms. A Frontiersman struck by this will suffer a X% decrease in movement (and/or hallucinate?) and any damage inflicted upon him/her will be increased by X% for every 2 seconds, this lasts for 10 seconds. A Frontiersman hit by this will also be marked out to other aliens that are within a certain distance. Only one Frontiersman can be affected at a time, if a Frontiersman is hit, the parasite will die immediately if another is afflicted directly afterwards. Useless against buildings and Exosuits. Does little to no damage to the hit Frontiersmen itself.

Belying Haze: Replaces Spore if purchased, the Lerk will shoot a capsule that disintegrates, releasing a thick, inky cloud. This cloud of gas is so incredibly dense that frontiersmen will find it impossible to see through, even their flashlights are unable to fully penetrate through this alien, ink-like fog. Frontiersmen caught within this fog will suffer a X% decrease in movement for every X amount of time spent enveloped, their vision will also remain partially obscured by ink-like particles for a further 5 seconds upon leaving the clouds effective radius. Effects Exosuits but to a lesser degree and can be countered by Flame throwers and Grenades, with fire burning the gas particles away with relative ease. Aliens can see through this with alien vision.

Incombustible Vapour: Replaces Spore if purchased, a Lerk releases a cloud of spores which condensate upon impact with other alien entities, covering them in a layer of fire-retardant, viscid mucus. Alien players and structures within this cloud gain a X% increase in damage resistance against Flamethrowers and Grenades, effects are reduced by X% every 3 seconds once effected entities are no longer in physical contact with the gas cloud. Does NOT prevent players and structures from catching fire, it also does NOT extinguish players and structures that are already on fire. Dose not damage Frontiersmen in anyway.


Phantom's Renaissance: An upgrade that allows the Fade to regenerate X amount of health for every X amount of time spent in the parallel dimension associated with the blink mechanism.

Dimensional Shift: Replaces Quick Blink if purchased, this ability allows the Fade to drop a Shifting point (personal recall point) anywhere on the map. The Fade can then teleport back to this point from anywhere on the map, at any time (provided the fade is in a certain distance). The amount of adrenaline used depends entirely on the distance traveled, the fade will also suffer a x% decrease in it's adrenaline recharge rate whilst a shifting point is placed. A Fade can only place one Shifting point at a time and can only be used once, when a Fade has used it's Shifting point it has to be replaced again. The Shifting point can be seen by the alien commander and other alien players as a glowing ball of mist. Frontiersmen can also see this if it has been scanned.


Defiance: When faced with imminent peril, an Onos is capable of releasing an extremely potent concoction of chemicals into it's blood stream, vastly increasing the Onos' physical strength and resilience to injury. Unencumbered by it's body's safety limits or any sense of self-preservation, the beast is capable of feats of enormous resilience and strength, however due to the volatile nature of the toxins, permanent physical degradation is inevitable. Replaces Stomp if purchased, an Onos with this ability is temporarily rendered invulnerable to any damage for x amount of seconds, the Onos also receives a X% increase in movement and attack speed for every X amount of seconds spent under the ability's effects. Any damage inflicted upon the Onos is halved and added onto it's attack strength, however once the effects have worn off, or the Onos has fully depleted it's adrenaline it's remaining health is Tripled and added onto the Onos as damage, instantly killing the monstrosity. An Onos cannot be healed whilst under the ability's effects. This ability can only be activated when the Onos has X amount of health points remaining.

Channeled Suffering: With this upgrade, X% of any damage inflicted upon an Onos is instead directed to another alien player or structure, the more allied entities that are within a certain distance from said Onos, the more damage that is relocated from the Onos onto them. For example; if an Onos is near a Skulk or a Whip, 10% of any damage inflicted on the Onos is transferred onto them instead. If the Onos is accompanied by three skulks, 30% of any damage inflicted on the Onos is instead transferred and distributed evenly between them (10% per Skulk). This works up to four alien entities. This increases the durability of the Onos, but at the expense of it's brethren. Damaged suffered whilst under the effects of Defiance does not count.

Discuss and share your own ideas :D
All Cyst and no Hydra makes Gorge a dull Battle Maggot.
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    Here's a few more;


    Wail: Replaces Parasite if this ability is purchased; Once the intended victim is in close to point blank range, the Skulk is capable of releasing a high pitched, psionic cry that targets the prey's nervous system. Frontiersmen exposed to this phenomenon have experienced almost total paralysis along with momentary deafness. A very close ranged attack that deals no damage but disorientates the intended target; when hit by this a Frontiersman will suffer a decrease in movement speed and will be unable to sprint for a short amount of time. The Frontiersman's vision will also warp in and out of focus (and possibly shake in the initial assault?) and also lose his/her sense of hearing for a few seconds. Only one Frontiersmen can be affected at a time and the Skulk suffers a slower adrenaline recharge rate when this ability is used.


    Bilocation: Replaces Quick Blink if purchased; This ability allows the fade to create a decoy of itself that can be used to distract, confuse and lure Frontiersmen into traps, whilst the Fade escapes into the Ethereal. Projectiles will appear to hit the decoy as if it was real, however the decoy will eventually disappear into a shimmering cloud of mist if it is either hit with flame based weaponry, has been active for too long or if the Fade runs out of adrenaline. The decoy itself could simply run in whatever direction the fade was facing when being summoned, or the Fade could instead direct the decoy's movements whilst he is in the Ethereal.
    All Cyst and no Hydra makes Gorge a dull Battle Maggot.
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