Excellent Commanding

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A Tribute
Last night I was playing on Hera and for the first time I really experienced Natural Selection as it was meant to be played. Our commander was spot on with the ammo, health, waypoints ect.. And he organized us. He actually had a stratagey and organized us. And the WHOLE team listened even one NSPlayer. Why do I think they listened? Because he was as charasmatic as anyone online can be. He was freindly and helpful as opposed to bossy and demanding. He figured out how to use everyone on the team even the newb. One last thing was that he kept his cool even at the end, never screeching over voice comm about onos or our stupidity. This post is a tribute to Commander {MMZ} Nasty.

P.S. We lost but it was 5-9 for the aliens.
P.P.S. Any fault of the troops are failures of the commanders.
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