Commander Assigning Positions

l3lessedl3lessed Join Date: 2010-06-07 Member: 71977Members Posts: 374
So right now there is a slight disconnect between the commander and the players. UWE is trying to close this gap. Recently they did this by reinstating marine building. I have another thought on how this could be accomplished while increasing team play.

So right now with the way the self buy system is setup for the marines, each weapon has it's own slot and the marine pretty much buys that weapon and takes on what we'll call a "roll." Standard marine is the universal roll, good at everything but not great at anything. Shotgun is the close range roll, good at close range combat. and so on.

Well I think in order for to reinstate the ability for the commander to define and build the make up of his team, like he could in ns1 by giving weapons, the commander should have an option to either recommend a weapon for a player, thus recommend a roll, or even possibly force a weapon on a player. When he does this, the marine get's a clear indicator on the buy menu that the commander wants him to use a certain weapon, or even has no option other then to buy that weapon until her dies. This would allow commanders to customize his army make up to match the required situation instead of have a bunch of marines selecting the same weapon and running off on a rambo mission. It will also help connect the commander and the ground troops more.
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