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it has waterfalls.
ok so this is the map i've been working on, it's called ns2_skyfalls. I suppose it could be described as a high-altitude research facility. it has a helipad as marine start and it will feature a cargo elevator (stuck in the up position until properly implemented), waterfalls, large switch activated cargo doors, and a deep dark cave as alien start.

If you're looking at the mapping guidelines, this is a "Spread Offense" Map (5 tech points and 7 res towers) with a twist. The twist being that you can't immediately run directly to the next closest RT to your starting zone until late game. Marines can't jump the gap to the waterfall RT, they have to run around until they get jetpacks. Originally, I was going to have a one sided cargo door leading from the Deep Lake room (misnomer as it will have no water yet), however, I do not know if that is even possible yet.

Anyway, I'd say that I'm about 15% complete on this map but it should get easier as now I am working on interiors instead of exteriors (much easier imho).

Download Skyfalls from DuplexGaming!

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