Player Options for HUD

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<div class="IPBDescription">Sorry if this has already been done, or is already part of the game</div>How about an option to change the size color and transparency on the circle that tracks players in first person mode.
Like counter strike has options for the cross-heirs for: color, size, transparency.

This would offer more preferences and a personalized style of game play,
it would also make playing easier.
Some colors trigger larger chemical reactions than others in different people's brains.
(so yes it would make it easier to play)
I am color blind and would like an option to change colors!!!

thank you NS team :)

Sleepless -_-


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    It was suggested long ago that players be able to change the color of their laser sight. That is if there would ever be a laser sight...

    I do like the idea of changing the color of your HUD, as well as the color on your guns. It would also be neat if we could see that being reflected onto the Marine's holographic visors.
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