Halo 2 Pack thing

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Quick stuff
Past few weeks I started playin some Halo 3 and decided I'd like a pack of halo weapons/players for NS. So I decided to start this. Probly won't be released publicly as this is apparently illegal from my understanding. But nyway here's 4 days work A flood fade complete with new animootions, New lmg and pistol(magnum model by edisleado)... With new animations as well. (And yes I know there are faces "missing" on the flood. Just some little scew up while extracting... a bunch of faces got reversed for some reason.. I'ts quickly fixed nyway so no need to worry bout it.)

The plan was to get these models in game:

Human weapons
knife-energy blade
shotgun-halo shotgun XD
hmg-Turret from halo 3???
Grenade gun-confused-fix.gif
handgrenade- Classic halo 2 frag nade
Mine- Trip mine from halo 3

Human Players
Light-Helljumper(ODST)/Regular Marine

Still thinkin about those... Because I reccon having spartans as lights might be cool.

Alien Players
Skulk-A group of infection forms maybe?
Gorge-Flood Pure form crab thing (before it turns into something)confused-fix.gif
fade-Elite flood
Onos-Flood Pure form gigantic thing???

And that's all I could come up with. Really need help on the replacement ideas... Nyway I'll be posting updates here reguarly.(For the record They all work ingame so far... I just couldn't be bothered to load up NS again.)


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