What is the NS2 E-Team?

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We need your help
Like upstart bands used the concept of street teams to promote themselves, we're trying the concept of an "E-Team".

We are a small independent developer - we have no office, no benefits and small salaries. So it should be no surprise we have no marketing budget either. However, we do have a group of people (you, I hope!) that is passionate about Natural Selection and who wants to see Natural Selection 2 go really big. Many of you have asked how you can help, so I'm trying this little experiment.

I've created the NS2 E-Team mailing list, which we will use to communicate with all of you. Those of you that told us you wanted to help spread the word in our NS2 Survey a few months back (along with a few personal friends that seem interested in helping) have been subscribed to this list. I've also created this forum, which I'm hoping you can use to organize your efforts.

Please be unorthodox, rebellious, sneaky and daring. We all know that ads are no longer cost-effective but viral, word-of-mouth is where it's at. That's how Natural Selection was played by about 300,000 people! You guys saw the release on some game site, played it, told your friends, rinse, lather, repeat. Now with your help, we hope to make NS2 into a cultural phenomenon.

We're going to focus our time on making the best game we can (as fast as we can) and we want you to focus on spreading the word. Even simply forwarding a news permalink around to your friends every once in awhile really helps.

Charlie Cleveland
Game Director, Unknown Worlds Entertainment
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