Natural Selection 2 News Update - First Friday audio update

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Charlie Cleveland
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  • XerondXerond Undefined Members, Constellation Join Date: 2004-07-09 Member: 29817Posts: 202
    Is it just me or does it sound like Charlie and Max and flirting during the audio?

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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Join Date: 2003-11-28 Member: 23688Posts: 0 Advanced user
    I was just about to say they sound like a married couple without the arguments, maybe we just dont get to hear about those tounge.gif

    These are good, a weekly friday update just to let the community know whats going on would be very appreciated
  • BuzzouBuzzou Members, Constellation Join Date: 2006-12-14 Member: 59056Posts: 404 Advanced user
    QUOTE(Reeke @ Sep 1 2007, 12:56 AM) »
    I was just about to say they sound like a married couple without the arguments, maybe we just dont get to hear about those tounge.gif

    MAX: for the last time flayra, take out the rubbish bins!

    FLAYRA: nag nag nag, thats all you ever do! get back in the kitchen and bake me some pie!

    lol back on topic, i think it would be awesome getting a weekly audio update, even it if it is just rambling coversations, at least we know your still making progress.

    but save the big suprises for proper updates =)
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  • WatchMakerWatchMaker Members, Constellation Join Date: 2003-09-26 Member: 21233Posts: 500
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    "I want more, please." "MOAR?confused-fix.gif"

    Yes, more... I really would like to hear if the community can contribute work to the NS2TR.
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  • c0kec0ke Members Join Date: 2004-07-02 Member: 29676Posts: 417 Advanced user
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    this forum lacks a grandiose smiley.
  • Corporal_FortierCorporal_Fortier Members, Constellation Join Date: 2005-03-22 Member: 46079Posts: 409
    Nice little talk guys, it was great listening to you ^^ If you ever run out of content, you could always get some people here to ask you guys questions wink-fix.gif

    And now for some random rambling :

    OMG You talked about tTEH BUS!!!!! (Hey, you started it tounge.gif)
  • MachinasterMachinaster Members Join Date: 2007-05-31 Member: 61074Posts: 33
    Love it, keep 'em coming!
  • SparkTRSparkTR Members, Constellation, Reinforced - Silver Join Date: 2007-02-09 Member: 59913Posts: 50
    I loved it, far more persenal than a blog.
  • S1mpLS1mpL Members, Constellation Join Date: 2003-11-01 Member: 22187Posts: 17
    Thanks for the update, it would be great to pick questions from the board and try to answer them as much as you can next time smile-fix.gif
  • RokiyoRokiyo A.K.A. .::FeX::. Revenge Members, Constellation Join Date: 2002-10-10 Member: 1471Posts: 1,564
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    Err... Did I just break the NS2 sub-site? I clicked on the download link instead of right clicking and saving as, it took me to a white page with a quicktime streaming bar thing. I immediately hit the back button on my mouse and received this message "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/ipbsdk/ on line 3367"

    EDIT: Err... That sounds kinda silly now that I think about it...

    Flayra: Oops, that was me.
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  • aeroripperaeroripper NS1 Playtester, Forum Moderators, Constellation Join Date: 2005-02-25 Member: 42471Posts: 2,423 mod
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    Thanks for the update, it would be great to pick questions from the board and try to answer them as much as you can next time smile-fix.gif

    I like the idea of a weekly update, but more in line with what VALVe does every Friday. Just a general update on things that were worked on during the week, or a small snippet of info about something interesting that might be related to NS development. That way people can look forward to a consistent update at the minimum, every Friday.

    Occasionally do something fun like an audio "interview" where you address questions from the community, or elaborate on an idea from the NS2 idea forum, talk about recent steam updates etc... just keep it a little shorter at around ~8-10min so people won't lose interest half way through. I remember listening to those audio interviews a few times on NSradio and those were interesting to listen to since it was a more structured Q\A type format.
  • N_3N_3 \o/ Members, Constellation Join Date: 2004-03-12 Member: 27291Posts: 487
    is good. background music is a bit loud at times tho
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  • RaydenUniRaydenUni Members Join Date: 2004-05-03 Member: 28425Posts: 14
    You guys sound unsure about whether we want to hear about the technical stuff: languages, IDEs, etc.

    As someone starting graduate school focused on game engine programming, I love it. Reading and listening to a team talk about and describe their development and how they are doing stuff is fascinating. More so because its development on a game I'm very interested in.
  • SloppyKissesSloppyKisses omgawd a furreh! VirginiaMembers, Constellation Join Date: 2003-07-05 Member: 17942Posts: 1,069 Advanced user
    zomg, what is the bus!?!? :O
    haha it was great, and like someone else said its way more personal, i like it better than the blog ;o
  • XeZoXeZo Members, Reinforced - Shadow Join Date: 2006-11-14 Member: 58597Posts: 149 Advanced user
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    Cool, I'd love more of those! =)

    It allows me to play NS AND find out what you guys are up to! How friggin great is THAT??~ XDDD

    (just as I finished writing this, the mailman came with WoW: Burning Cruisade which I ordered two weeks ago!)

    ...I'll play that later... *Ns and news*
  • antyanty Members Join Date: 2003-02-05 Member: 13143Posts: 87
    I like the idea of having a weekly summary. This way we know you are not dead and get some fascinating information about the game development process.
    I think you should still write down the technical stuff because one can reread a paragraph or slow down to think about it. But that's just a thought.

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  • DroggogDroggog Random Pubber Members, Constellation Join Date: 2002-11-01 Member: 3293Posts: 328
    Nice. But why not a video? Just need a cheap camera, a sofa, some drinks and a NS poster in the background or something... smile-fix.gif
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  • NeoGregorianNeoGregorian Members, Constellation Join Date: 2003-02-04 Member: 13093Posts: 84
    Very nice, looking forward to see how your work is progressing, keep up the good work =)
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  • MakooMakoo Members Join Date: 2007-08-28 Member: 62042Posts: 6
    i liked this, more personal, and it shows us you/NS aint dead smile-fix.gif And as long as you talk about the game and all kinda related stuff im happy with it. Tho you could tune down the background music a bit tho.
    Weekly summaries and info about what other stuff thats related happens are always great to hear.

    And the techinal stuff, great to hear it, and always post it in a blogg later, easier to re-read it than re-listen to it, i go to a computer school so i even tag along sometimes lol smile-fix.gif (i go networking tho, so i follow better when LAN stuff is mentined tounge.gif)
    Now i will stop my rambling ^^
  • MasterPTGMasterPTG Members Join Date: 2006-11-30 Member: 58780Posts: 283
    Hmmm, excellent blog thingy. Very excellent. A video blog would be pretty cool, especially if it had a computer in the background w/ Dynamic infestation taking over a random room.

    For the next audio blog...I'd like to hear about:

    How far can dynamic infestation go? Can it be truly random/growing, yet programmed to give bonuses? Can it allow itself to be easily destroyed or de-structured?

    Can independent artists contribute ahead of time to the NS2TR (textures/models)?

    Are you guys going to program/implement a flashlight that looks/feels like a proper flashlight?

    How many years into the future does NS2 take place from NS? And is the war a stalemate? Have we found how the Kharaa originated? Where did they originate from?

    Are there going to be any prelim sample maps to pull styles from? You mentioned how the team was very small with only one or two mappers, but if there are mappers are they doing this w/ no specific information on lifeforms, changed gameplay, units, speeds, etc?

    Are much are you going to license Decoda for? I would assume it would be a per-machine sort of thing, b/c I'd kinda laugh if you sold Decoda to Blizzard as a bulk thing for like 50$ tounge.gif. How are you going to release it and make sure that there aren't rampant amounts of 'cracks' tounge.gif. Or does UW even really care about rampant uses of cracks? Imagine all those poor CS students trying to code in LUA tounge.gif. lol.

    Are the battlegrounds (or 'sets' or 'nature' or 'places' in which the maps are set in) going to change? How is the story going to evolve? Do you have someone thinking about how the story is changing w/ time?
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  • tigersmithtigersmith Members, Constellation, Reinforced - Supporter Join Date: 2004-11-11 Member: 32749Posts: 762 Advanced user
    Im really impressed, I like podcasts alot. ill be looking forward to them more. Great work
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  • LokeLoke Members Join Date: 2003-02-25 Member: 13988Posts: 637
    QUOTE(N_3 @ Sep 1 2007, 12:12 AM) »
    is good. background music is a bit loud at times tho

    You think? I thought it had a perfect volume, clear sound too no problem hearing what they said.

    That said, I would like to hear more of the development of NS2, what currently you or the other members are doing, how it's going overall, running into problems etc.

    Good stuff though. smile-fix.gif
  • jaboojaboo Members Join Date: 2004-01-05 Member: 25076Posts: 132
    I think this style is better for the long code posts, but i like the text format with the art updates smile-fix.gif
  • CoolCookieCooksCoolCookieCooks Pretty Girl Members, NS1 Playtester, Contributor, Constellation Join Date: 2003-05-18 Member: 16446Posts: 5,602
  • AlcapwnAlcapwn "War is the science of destruction" - John Abbot Members Join Date: 2003-06-21 Member: 17590Posts: 1,965
    Is there an rss/itunes feed for this podcast?
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  • AbraAbra Would you kindly Members Join Date: 2003-08-17 Member: 19870Posts: 2,166
    Very cool.
    Also:The pictures have voices! that is amazing!
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  • ScytheScythe NS1 Playtester, Forum Moderators, Constellation, Reinforced - Silver Join Date: 2002-01-25 Member: 46Posts: 4,372 mod
    A good little update. I'd like to see one of these maybe every fortnight in lieu of an in-depth blog post, especially since I presume a 20 minute podcast would take a lot less effort to put together.

    One small criticism: The cute but meaningless banter near the start was a little tiring for me. I guess is stems from my dislike of late-night US tv shows when the presenter has a cute "funny" discussion with a member of the band or something. I guess it's important that you enjoy making them, but just remember your audience.

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  • cerberus414cerberus414 Members, Constellation, Reinforced - Shadow Join Date: 2005-05-07 Member: 51098Posts: 217 Advanced user
    I am really looking forward to you guys making more of these podcasts and as someone mentioned, maybe even video casts soon (which I think would be cool). But if you guys are serious about this, then it is important to be consistent. I think that this is the problem right now. You guys might post a bunch of updates within one week or none for months. You need your fans to look forward to something. If you do podcast, then do them weekly every Friday night or any other day that suits you best. Other than that, I think you guys are doing a great job with keeping in touch with us. Thanks.
  • PlasmaPlasma Members, Constellation, Squad Five Blue Join Date: 2003-04-26 Member: 15855Posts: 605
    Always interested in your updates Flayra/Max, keep them coming.

    Perhaps with your next pod cast include some material (eg pictures of stuff you are working on / art / in-game stuff) and use them as reference material to your casts?

    On a side note, you may want to consider the implications of making this audio only. You may lose some viewers who would prefer to read an article, not to mention Google etc not indexing what you say smile-fix.gif

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