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This was originally maintained by Freak83. The original thread is here and the original signature thread is here. The rules are in the first post, the history is in the second post, and the signatures are in the third post. To find the beginning of the posts, just search for "***", since it's only used around the title of each post.



Game Links:
I: Werewolf Island (10 pages), Postgame - Hosted by Freak83
II: Resident Evil: Incarnation (8 pages), Postgame - Hosted by Freak83
III: Unfound (18 pages), Postgame - Hosted by Renegade
IV: Freya (23 pages), Postgame - Hosted by lolfighter
V: Aquarium (21 pages), Postgame - Hosted by TheMuffinMan
VI: Obsidian Islands (19 pages), Postgame - Hosted by Sky
VII: Gorge Paradise (17 pages), Postgame - Hosted by Petco
VIII: The Froimor Incident (7 pages), Postgame - Hosted by Theslan
IX: Cave of Doom (7 pages), Postgame - Hosted by im_lost
X: Survival of the Fittest (12 pages), Postgame - Hosted by Freak83
XI: Insurrection Omega (12 pages), Postgame - Hosted by EMP Demon
XII: Portal of [incomprehensible] (4 pages), Postgame - Hosted by Isamil
XIII: The Adventures of the Lucky Seer Club (6 pages), Postgame - Hosted by Eternaly Lost
XIV: Mystery at Rockyford (6 pages), Postgame - Hosted by Theslan
XV: Redemption (10 pages), Postgame - Hosted by EMP Demon
XVI: Veiled Intentions (4 pages), Postgame - Hosted by EMP Demon
XVII: Codename: Pathfinder (8 pages), Postgame - Hosted by Nightstalker

The Werewolf Game is played through a forum thread with around 12-20 players per game. The game itself is played in a single thread, and players can gain additional information through the IRC channel #ns-twg on or through other Instant Messengers.

First, the host of the game will assign roles to each of the players who have signed up. In a standard game, three players will be wolves. Three players will be humans with special roles, and the rest will be standard humans. The object of the game for humans is to "kill" all of the wolves without having the wolves outnumber them. The object for the wolves is to lower the number of humans down so they are even or outnumber them in order to win.

Throughout the gameplay period, which typically lasts a few weeks to a month, the game goes through phases of "night" and "day". During the Night, no forum activity will take place and the special roles will be PM'ing or be PM'd by the host. During the day, everyone wakes up and must try to figure out who the Wolves are, lynching one player off. Players will converse, form alliances, and strategize with each other through forum conversation, IRC, and other various methods of communication. It's a challenging game to win but definitely fun to play, as well as involving and integrating yourself into the Natural-Selection community.


All roles are assigned prior to the start of the game, and completely randomly generated unless noted otherwise.

Humans: Most players in the game will be standard Humans. Their job is to discover who the wolves are and cast their votes to lynch them off. Three humans will have special roles, which are explained below.

Seer: One Human will be assigned the role of the Seer. Each night phase they will PM the host on the forums, asking for information on one living player. The host will reply back telling them whether that player is a Human or a Wolf. This is a obviously a very powerful tool for the Humans.

Guardian: One Human will be assigned the role of the Guardian. Each night phase they will PM the host on the forums, telling the name of one person they wish to protect that night. If their choice for the night is the same as the Wolves choice, that player will survive the night. The Guardian can not protect themselves. If a player is successfully protected during the night, they will not be revealed.

Psychic: One Human will be assigned the role of the Psychic. Each night phase they will PM'd by the host of the game. They will learn how many wolves remain in the game, thus answering whether that day's lynch was on a Human or a Wolf.

Wolves: Three players will be assigned the roles of Wolves. Each night phase, one Wolf will PM the host of the game with the name of one Human they wish to kill that night. That Human will die that night phase and will no longer be in the game.

Starting at TWG VI: Obsidian Islands, TWG has had the option of running slightly differently. Now hosts can customize their games a little more using special roles and/or making other small game changes. Note that these roles are not in every game. Some of the possible non-standard game roles include:

Psychopath (as described by Sky): This person's job: to kill everyone else and be the last man standing. How it works: every night, both the wolves and the "psychopath" will pm the host the people they want to kill. The humans won't know which player was killed which way.
*Possible variation: If the wolves and the psychopath pick different targets, good for them, both targets are killed, move onto the next day. However, if they try to kill the same person, the killing is botched and one of the wolves or the psychopath is randomly killed as well as the original target.

Masons (as described by Freak83): A set of humans who know who each other are from the beginning.

Lovers (as described by Mantrid): There are two Lovers. If one of them dies, the other dies immediatly from sadness. Lovers are randomly picked, so it is possible that a wolf and a human may be lovers.

Wizard (as desribed by Petco): The Wizard is on the wolf team and can view one player a night, similarily to the Seer. He will either see if a player is a wolf, human, or if they have any "magic" signifying their being a role. The Wizard is on the wolf team but does not know who the wolves are. If the Wolves attack the Wizard, it will be a 50% chance whether he dies or his role is instead revealed to the wolves thus automatically forming their alliance. Similarily, if the Wizard looks at the Wolves, their alliance will be automatically formed.

If the Seer looks at the Wizard he will be told the Wizard is a wolf.

Hunter (as described by Renegade): The Hunter functions like all the human roles combined (with the exception of the psychic), he can protect someone, he can seer someone, and he can choose someone. But, the Hunter can only do one of those actions a day (i.e. He chooses to seer someone on day one, guard someone on day two, kill someone on day three). The Hunter has a handicap, though. If a Seer seers the Hunter, he will appear as a wolf, thus increasing the risk of playing the role. If the Hunter is still alive when all the wolves are dead, and there are still humans remaining, the humans win the game (the hunter does not need to be dead for humans to win the game [he doesn't count as a wolf, just appears to be one], similar to the other roles). But if the Hunter is alive and no other humans are, the wolves win the game (the Hunter does not count as a human).

The Hunter is only kind of on the humans side. If the humans Seer him he appears to be a wolf. Need to know the win condition for this role if it is used.

As described by im_lost...
Mafia: These players operate the same as the werewolves, and they exist in the same game. The mafia and werewolves don't know who each other are, so they are working against each other as well as against the humans.

Angel (human): Equivalent of seer, but checks for mafia instead (game needs werewolves and mafia to add this role).

Vigilante (human): This person picks someone to kill each night; they can choose not to kill anyone.
*Variation suggested by iggymatrixcounter: They can only kill one person during the whole game.
*Another variation: The vigilante is not told who they are; any non-role human could be the vigilante, and the only way for someone to find out is to try sending in a PM to kill someone.

Detective (human): Checks for psychopath.

Martyr (human): The martyr can pick a person, and if that person would normally die during the night, the martyr dies instead; if the martyr picks someone that is targeted for death, the guardian can prevent the death by protecting the targeted person OR the martyr.

Forensic Specialist (human): Checks one DEAD person per night, and finds out exactly what role that person had. This role should only be used in the case of multiple people dying during each night, because otherwise this person would probably be too powerful.
*Alternate method of balancing: Let the werewolves spy on a body each night. If they spy on the same body that the forensic specialist checks, then the werewolves also find out the person's exact role, which could allow them to find out that a human role is dead.

As described by EMP Demon
Graeae (human): This role acts like a seer, but they only get to check a person every other night. This was used with two graeae (instead of a seer), one that worked on "even" nights and another that worked on "odd" nights. The two players would see each other as wolves.

Nitty Gritty Rules
Instalynch - An instalynch happens when a player has more than 50% of the votes against him at one point. An instalynch will cause the current day to insta-end, without an instalynch the day will end at a set, predetermined time.

Phantom votes - If a player fails to vote during the day phase, he will have a phantom vote against him. A phantom vote is 0.001 of a normal vote. An instalynch will require you to have more than 50% of the votes. Meaning having a phantom vote against you can cost the game for you. 16 players and 8 votes against you is not grounds for instalynch. that's 8.000 votes. 8 votes and one phantom votes against you is instalynch. That's 8.001 votes, more than 50%. In the event of an instalynch - any player who has not voted that day will not receive a phantom vote.

This is only applicable for the first phantom vote. The second and up phantom vote for the day will count as a full vote each.
1 phantom vote = 0.001
2 phantom votes = 1.001
5 phantom votes = 4.001

Phantom votes apply starting the day after the person fails to vote. This would matter in the case of a tie vote, where one of the people tied for the lead hasn't voted that day.

How to vote - When voting. Put your votes in bold. (I think Freak83 is a wolf.) Not putting your votes in bold will count as having not voted, and a phantom vote will be cast against you. Bolding your vote is strictly enforced. People have been lynched because their non-bolded vote didn't count to save them. You can change your vote; make a new post to do so. Do not edit your old post. Once you have voted, you cannot decide to be voting for no one, you can only move your vote.

Sending your votes to the host over AIM or IRC does not count as a vote. It must be on the forum thread in bold.

Forms of cheating can be any as follows,
- Showing a player a TWG PM to confirm humanity.
- Imitating a host or player
- The dead talking to the living. If you're dead you stay dead.
- If the game allows for dead players to come back to life, then dead players cannot talk with other dead players, and living players cannot send information to dead players.
- Posting an image of a conversation. (Note: fake conversations are perfectly allowed to be posted as long as they are text. Not everyone has photoshop skills to create fake images, which would give some players an advantage if this were allowed.)
- Trying to trick other players about the rules of the game. Rules are rules and should be followed the same for all players equally.
- Anonymous contact is not allowed. This includes using a forum name other than the one you are playing the game with, a fake IRC nick, or contacting players through emails or instant messengers with any name other than your own. This rule is only in effect post TWG XI.

Cheating will result in your immediate death in the game, not counting as the days lynch. You may also be banned from future TWG's depending on the circumstances.

- If you are not playing in the game. Do not post in the thread.
- If you are dead you may no longer post.
- No posting during the night. You're sleeping.
- The IRC channel #ns-twg on will be used for each game. Please stay in the channel if you are playing, as it will help communication tremendously.
- Feel free to post AIM/IRC logs, as long as they do not violate any of the above rules
- During game play, do not edit your posts for any reason. Double/triple/quadruple post if you have to.
- You may only post in the game thread with the account you signed up with to play in that game.

Rules for Hosts
- You must include a unique story to go with each game. It does not have to be well written but it does help and makes the game more interesting. Player names in the stories should be in Italics, underlined or bold and a player killed through a Lynch or Wolf kill should be in Red. A guarded player can be done as seen fit, though the standard method is to not mention it at all. Depending on the rules, this could still make it obvious that someone was guarded, or it might ensure that no one knows the guardian was successful.

- The post for the end of the day should contain the vote count for the end of the day.

- Any comments of any sort from you must be completely unbiased towards the roles in the game, and events happening. The story for the game should not be related to the roles that people have; however, very blatant game events can be incorporated into the story, as long as it doesn't say anything about players' roles.

- If the Guardian, Seer, or Wolves fail to send their PM by the end of the night, choose the seered/guarded/wolfed at random. Night should normally be 24 hours long. In the case of instalynch or other unusual circumstances, night should not be much shorter than 24 hours and should never go more than 48 hours.

- Day time should be 48 hours. The only change to that would be in the case where an instalynch makes it shorter.
* If something comes up where the day or the night must go longer than it should because you won't be around to end it, then let people know. If this happens regularly, then you shouldn't have signed up to host to begin with, and people will remember it.

- A game theme is your choice. Game themes can be based off movies, games, real life situations, or can be entirely your own creation. You must not however use a previously done theme. Each game's theme must be original.

- Having Microsoft Excel and Word are not necessary, but certainly help a great deal for creating voting charts and stories. Using google documents is another good option, since it allows you to view and modify the files easily from different computers.

- Be active; nothing kills a game like an inactive host. This includes staying in the IRC channel most of the time. Temporary Op privileges will be given to current hosts in #ns-twg

Permenant IRC channel ops are:
- im_lost (Community Leader)
- EMP Demon (Host Election stuff)
- Eternaly Lost (Host Election stuff)
- Freak83 (currently inactive, channel owner)
- Isamil (currently inactive)

- Send the Seer the PM as soon as you receive their PM during the night

- Send the Psychic their PM as soon as night begins

- You can host a TWG game with whatever rules you wish. However, these rules must be specified prior to the start of the game. If you have not listed a rule revision before the game begins, then what is written in this thread will be taken as the rules for that part of the game.

Host Elections

Currently, host elections are being run by Eternaly Lost and EMP Demon, with the two of them trading off each game. When the postgame thread is posted for the current game, EMP Demon or Eternaly Lost will let you know how to contact them with your game ideas. After some time has passed (at least two days, probably three or four, they will say in their post), the Host Election Thread will be created. Each game idea will be posted, and everyone will get to vote for a game (please don't vote for your own game idea). When a clear winner has been decided (it will be clear when this happens), then that person gets to make the signup thread for the next game.

Game Signup Thread & Pregame Thread
Once the host has been voted on, they need to create a signup thread in Off-Topic, posting the game rules and accepting signups. Make sure to have people post their time zones. When enough people have signed up for the game, move the information into the pregame thread (rules, player list with time zones), notify everyone through PM that the game is starting, and make sure everyone posts in the pregame thread, which shows that they know the game is starting. Also, all players should have voice in #ns-twg, though the game can start if people know that someone has shown up in the channel and just wasn't authed or there was no one to give them voice.


Q: Do phantom votes stay throughout the game?
A: You keep your phantom vote throughout the game.

Q: What happens if someone gets instalynched and someone else gets instalynched due to a phantom vote.
A: You can not be instalynched through phantom votes and regular votes. Someone is going to have to get voted off first. If someone actually builds up enough phantom votes that it would result in an instalynch at daybreak... the tendency has been for the host to replace or kill off really inactive players before it gets to that point, though the host should declare their policy as soon as it becomes apparent that it might become necessary.

Q: Can the guardian choose to protect themselves?
A: The guardian can not protect themselves.

Q: What happens if a day ends and two people have equal votes?
A: If two (or more) people have equal votes by the end of a day with no previous phantom votes against them, it will be random who dies that day.

Q: How long is a "day"?
A: Days last for two real days. You'll have ample time to post regardless of your time zone. A night is at least 24 hours, possibly longer if the day ends early due to instalynch, but no longer than 48 hours.

Q: Can we call the roles different things? (Human = TSA, wolf = Kharra, etc.)
A: This all varies with the theme of the game. The theme is decided by the host, as are the names of the ranks.

Q: If the Seer looks at a Psychic or Guardian, what happens?
A: They will be told that player is a Human.

Q: Can wolves kill other wolves in the night?
A: Wolves can kill other wolves. However, since it is usually a very bad idea, and to prevent spiteful killings, it must be a majority decision by all living wolves, requiring all of them to send in the PM to the host that night. In no case can this happen without the wolf being killed agreeing to it.

Q: If someone is guarded by the guardian and wolves select that person to be wolfed, is the person saved or are the wolves told they cannot wolf him and choose someone else?
A: That person is saved. The next day story can have this incorporated in a way the host sees fit, which might not include it at all depending on the game rules.

Q: Do all the wolves know each other at the start, or do they have to network first?
A: They know who each other are from the start.

Q: Every night the psychic is informed how many wolves are left... Does this happen before or after the night's wolfing?
A: As soon as night begins, the psychic will be informed. So it happens before the player is wolfed.

Q: Why do I need 100 posts to play? Can I play with less than 100 posts.
A: Depends, the post count restriction is there mainly to prevent someone from signing up under a new account just to ruin a game or something of that sort. If you've been around for a while or can be vouched by someone else here, you'll probably be able to play.

Q: What are the specific rules on voting? When, if ever, do bold names inside of quote tags count as an actual vote? Always, never, or when common sense says they should?
A: If it's in a quote tag it doesn't count as a vote. It's always been made pretty obvious when someone is voting. This really isn't that's ever been a problem. Has to be bolded to count, but the host can go with judgment. If they're ever unsure then the host should clarify that they're not sure and ask the player if whatever they did was their vote.

This thread will remain open and unlocked for questions to be added to the FAQ's.
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    ***NS TWG History***

    TWG I: Werewolf Island
    Hosted by: Freak83
    Results: Humans Win
    MVP: Sky

    Players and Roles:
    Necrotic (Won the game)
    im lost (Wolfed on Night 3)
    Nil IQ (Lynched on Day 1)
    urinalcake (Wolfed on Night 1)
    Comprox (GUARDIAN, Lynched on Day 2)
    BadKarma (Lynched on Day 3)
    Renegade (WOLF, Lynched on Day 6)
    The Necroscope (WOLF, Lynched on Day 5)
    Sky (PSYCHIC, Won the game)
    Condizzle (Wolfed on Night 5)
    Pithlit (Wolfed on Night 6)
    UnderDOG (WOLF, Lynched on Day 4)
    Petco (SEER, Wolfed on Night 4)
    SwiftSpear (Wolfed on Night 2)

    In the beginning it looked like a dead end loss for the humans, lynching off one human at a time with almost no clue how to properally detect wolves. The wolves took a great opportunity to launch Comprox and BadKarma against each other making it look like at least one of them was wolves. In the end the wolves had failed to vote off the psychic - Sky who finally came out and announced his role, eventually voting off one wolf at a time finally resulting in a human victory.

    TWG II: Resident Evil: Incarnation
    Hosted by: Freak83
    Results: Humans Win
    CO-MVP: Swiftspear & Petco

    Players and their roles:
    ZupiCo (Won the game)
    Catalyst! (Lynched on Day 1)
    wnn (Won the game)
    im lost (Wolfed on Night 1)
    Swiftspear (Won the game)
    Comprox (SPY, Lynched on Day 2)
    BadKarma (SPY, Lynched on Day 3)
    Condizzle (Won the game)
    Chrono (GUARDIAN, Wolfed on Night 2)
    Petco (SEER, Wolfed on Night 4)
    Isamil (PSYCHIC, Won the game)
    RobbyC (Won the game)
    Quaunaut (SPY, Lynched on Day 4)
    Renegade (Wolfed on Night 3)
    Mantrid (Won the game)
    Abra (Won the game)

    With Petco being selected as the Seer for the second time in a row, Humans had a great advantage on their side. An experienced Seer. Whether by luck or by skill, three wolves were seen by him in four nights. Using Swiftspear as a way to talk, and Isamil as a way to confirm, they managed to bring the humans to a very fast victory. The wolves put up a valiant effort to confirm their humanity but the power of the Seer won this one.

    TWG III: Unfound
    Hosted by: Renegade
    Results: Humans Win
    CO-MVP: Isamil & Mouse
    Honorable Mention: lolfighter

    Freak83 (WOLF - Instalynched, Day Four)
    Gwahir (Won the game)
    docchimpy (Wolf'd, Night Two)
    Sky (WOLF - Instalynched, Day Six)
    Chrono (GUARDIAN - Instalynched, Day Two)
    wonedslackystyle (WOLF - Killed, Day Three)
    Hellfire3k (Instalynched, Day Five)
    Isamil (PSYCHIC - Won the game)
    ZeroByte (Killed, Day One)
    Snidely (Human - Wolf'd, Night Three)
    lolfighter (Wolf'd, Night Six)
    Mouse (Won the game)
    Abra (Wolf'd, Night One)
    brute force (Wolf'd, Night Four)
    Pithlit (Wolf'd, Night Five)
    Condizzle (SEER - Won the game)

    After Six Days, and almost a full month, TWG III comes to a close end with another human victory.

    TWG IV: Freya
    Hosted by: lolfighter
    Results: Humans Win
    CO-MVP: Pulse & Talesin
    Honorable Mention: TheMuffinMan

    Renegade, human (Wolfed on night 3)
    Talesin, human (Survived)
    TheMuffinMan, human (Survived)
    Pulse, seer (Wolfed on night 7)
    Sky, psychic (Survived)
    brute force, human (Wolfed on night 6)
    Some tall guy, human (Lynched on day 2)
    Swiftspear, formtaker (Instalynched on day 5)
    im lost, human (Wolfed on night 4)
    Nemesis Zero, formtaker (Instalynched on day 4)
    Freak83, human (Wolfed on night 1)
    wonedslackystyle, human (Lynched on day 1)
    Hellfire3k, human (Survived)
    Snidely, human (Wolfed on night 5)
    Cold NiTe, formtaker (Instalynched on day 7)
    SaltzBad, guardian (Wolfed on night 2)
    Mantrid, formtaker (Instalynched on day 6)
    BadKarma, human (Lynched on day 3)

    After seven game days and 23 real days, The Werewolf Game IV: Freya comes to an end. It's been quite a ride. A big round of applause to the formtakers, who were millimeters away from the victory. You did VERY well, fellas.

    TWG V: Aquarium
    Hosted by: TheMuffinMan
    Results: Humans Win
    MVP: SaltzBad
    Honorable Mention: Hellfire3k

    lolfighter, human (Survived)
    Kerotan, human (Lynched on day two)
    im lost, human (Survived)
    Pithlit, seer (Survived)
    Omegaman!, human (Lynched on day one)
    Hellfire3k, guardian (Wolfed on night four)
    ZeroByte. thing (Lynched on day five)
    Planetkiller, human (Survived)
    Quaunaut, human (Survived)
    Xentor, thing (Instalynched on day seven)
    Isamil, human (wolfed on night two)
    Sky, thing (Instalynched on day three)
    Freak83, human (Survived)
    WonedSlackyStyle, human (Wolfed on night one)
    BadKarma, thing (Lynched on day four)
    Soul Rider, psychic (Wolfed on day six)
    Snidely, human (Survived)
    SaltzBad, human (Wolfed on night five)

    TWG VI: Obsidian Islands
    Hosted by: Sky
    Results: Humans Win
    Co-MVP: Isamil & im lost
    Honorable Mention: Legionnaired

    1. TheMuffinMan (human, wolfed Night 7)
    2. Comprox (human, lynched day 2)
    3. EMP Demon (human, lynched day 7)
    4. im lost (Psychic, wolfed day 6)
    5. Swiftspear (human, Psycho-ed night 1)
    6. CMEast (human, SURVIVED)
    7. brute force (human, Psycho-ed night 3)
    8. Theslan (wolf, lynched day 5)
    9. Petco (human, wolfed night 5)
    10. Xentor (human, wolfed night 2)
    11. Snidely (human, wolfed night 1)
    12. Breakthrough (wolf, lynched day 8)
    13. Mouse (human, SURVIVED)
    14. Pulse (human, lynched day 4)
    15. Cyndane (human, SURVIVED)
    16. Legionnaired (human, lynched day 3)
    17. Gwahir (human, wolfed night 4)
    18. Quaunaut (wolf, lynched day 6)
    19. Isamil (seer, SURVIVED)
    20. SaltzBad (Psychopath, wolfed night 3)
    21. ZeroByte (human, wolfed night 8)
    22. Cheetah (human, psycho-ed night 2)
    23. Condizzle (human, lynched day 1)

    TWG VII: Gorge Paradise
    Hosted by: Petco
    Results: Humans Win
    Co-MVP's: Theslan, Freak83, Stukov, Nurot

    1. Sky Human (Survived!)
    2. Theslan Human (Wolfed on Night 3)
    3. EMP Demon Wolf (Lynched last, Day 6)
    4. Fatal Error Human (Wolfed on Night 4)
    5. Renegade Human (Survived!
    6. BadKarma Human (Survived!)
    7. Freak83 Guardian (Wolfed by guess, on night 5, Nurot survived!)
    8. Snidely/Condizzle Human (Survived!)
    9. Gwahir Wolf (Lynched on Day 4)
    10. lolfighter Human (Survived!)
    11. Nurot Psychic (Wolfed on night 6 )
    12. Mouse Human (Lynched on Day 3)
    13. im lost Wizard (Lynched on Day 2)
    14. Hellfire3k Human (Lynched on day 1)
    15. Stukov Seer (Survived!)
    16. TheMuffinMan Human (Survived!)
    17. Planetkiller Human (Survived!)
    18. Nil IQ Wolf (Lynched on Day 5)
    19. Pithlit Human (Survived!)
    20. CMEast Human (Survived!)

    The game was really interesting at the start, when 2 players weren't killed, but then the game started to become slow, shortly after most of the players that post the most were killed, and some players were busy.

    TWG VIII: The Froimor Incident
    Hosted by: Theslan
    Results: Humans Win
    Co-MVP's: lolfighter, Black Mage, Crispy

    1. im_lost (human - Wolfed night 3)
    2. Isamil (guardian - Wolfed night 2)
    3. Xentor (Wolf - Lynched Day 5)
    4. EMPDemon (human - Wolfed night 4)
    5. Swiftspear (Converted Wolf - Lynched Day 6)
    6. Mantrid (human - Lynched Day 4)
    7. Sky (Wolf - Lynched Day 1)
    8. Stakhanov (human - Lynched Day 3)
    9. Crispy (human - Wolfed night 6)
    10. Blackmage (Psychic - survived!)
    11. Tigersmith (human - Lynched Day 2)
    12. Pulse (human - Wolfed night 5)
    13. lolfighter (seer - survived!)

    The game started at a very odd start. One wolf got lynched quietly and it pretty much brought the wolves down in terms of morale. However, the next two days became wolves' favor: they took out the guardian early and prevented the seer from building a trusted network.

    The turning point was when the seer found the psychic and they were able to build a trusted network. In fact, this was the only time the wolves managed not to kill the person the seer looked into. Somehow the seer picked up Crispy, and built a 3 player network. With both roles still in play as the last 6 players, they found the 2 wolves by process of elimination (the seer never found any wolves) and took them out.

    TWG IX: Cave of Doom
    Hosted by: im_lost
    Results: Humans Win

    Petco (Psychic) (died night 1, psychopath)
    Krad (Mafia) (voted off day 3)
    ZeroByte (Vigilante) (SURVIVED)
    Xentor (Mason) (died night 5, werewolves)
    Lanfear (Guardian) (died night 1, mafia)
    Stakhanov (Martyr) (voted off day 4)
    Isamil (Mafia) (died night 3, werewolves)
    GrayDuck (Mafia) (died night 4, vigilante)
    BlackMage (Werewolf) (died night 3, mafia)
    Theslan (Forensic Specialist) (died night 4, mafia & werewolves)
    Nurot (Werewolf) (died night 5, vigilante)
    Mantrid (Psychopath) (voted off day 2)
    RaZoR (Mason) (voted off day 1)
    Crispy (Detective) (SURVIVED)
    Omegaman (Angel) (died night 2, werewolves)
    Cold NiTe (Seer) (died day 3, killed by host)
    EMP Demon (Mason) (survived)
    Comprox (Werewolf) (died night 2, mafia & psychopath)

    It's kind of entertaining to watch this game unfold. The psychopath almost dies right away, which would be sad. However, decides that the psychopath should be protected by the guardian, right before the guardian dies. Two nights in a row with two deaths. Wolves, mafia and psychopath are all in this still, and the guardian isn't; this wasn't supposed to be the center of discussion in this game. Also, the vigilante decided to reveal himself, that should make things interesting.

    TWG X: Survival of the Fittest
    Hosted by: Freak83
    Results: Humans Win
    Co-MVP's: im_lost, TheAdj

    1. im_lost (Survived!)
    2. Eternaly_Lost (Wolf and Investigator - Lynched Day Four)
    3. Nightstalker (Psychic - Wolfed Night Four)
    4. Comprox (Guardian - Wolfed Night Six)
    5. Xentor (Survived!)
    6. screaming_tree4 (Lynched Day Two)
    7. Demiguise (Lynched Day Three)
    8. Petco (Wolf - Lynched Day Seven)
    9. EMP Demon (Wolfed Night Seven)
    10. doomchica (Wolfed Night Five)
    11. TheAdj (Wolf - Lynched Day Six)
    12. Omegaman (Lynched Day One)
    13. Chakuu (Survived!)
    14. Theslan (Survived!)
    15. Isamil (Wolf - Killed by Artifact Day Five)
    16. GrayDuck (Survived!)
    17. Mantrid (Wolfed Night Two)

    This game introduced a completely new element into TWG. The involvement of a "mini-game" where players would compete to solve a puzzle. The first player to solve it (in this case it was im_lost) would win the Artifact. No-one knew what the Artifact did until it was used when im_lost was lynched and Isamil instead died in his place. This was an intense game where a lot happened behind the scenes but wasn't visible in the game thread. In the end, the fact that the Seer was invulnerable for most of the game won this for the humans.

    TWG XI: Insurrection Omega
    Hosted by: EMP Demon
    Results: Humans Win
    Co-MVP's: Aldaris, TheMuffinMan

    Freak83 - Human (Survived)
    Eternaly_Lost - Vigilante, Lover (Lynched by association, Day One)
    im_lost - Werewolf (Lynched, Day Three)
    Xentor - Human (Survived)
    Chakuu - Werewolf (Killed by host, Day Five)
    Gwahir - Werewolf (Lynched, Day Five)
    Zor2 - Human (Wolfed, Night Four)
    TheMuffinMan - Human (Wolfed, Night Five)
    doomchica - Guardian (Survived)
    Mouse - Human (Survived)
    Isamil - Human (Wolfed, Night Two)
    Aldaris - Seer (Wolfed, Night Three)
    Thansal - Human (Lynched, Day Two)
    Harrower - Human (Survived)
    iggymatrixcounter - Human (Survived)
    microcosm - Psychic (Survived)
    wonedslackystyle - Human (Survived)
    Ana - Werewolf (Lynched, Day Four)
    lolfighter - Werewolf, Lover (Lynched, Day One)

    Despite dying night three, Aldaris managed to spot two wolves, and form a network between Thansal, microcosm, and TheMuffinMan. Yet, TheMuffinMan managed to lead the humans and kill off three of the wolves before being taken down himself. Excellent work, and I don't think anyone else really did any better.

    TWG XII: Portal of [incomprehensible]
    Hosted by: Isamil
    Results: Humans Win
    Co-MVP's: Thansal, Theslan, Ana
    1.EMP Demon(Lynched Day3)
    7.The_x5(Lynched Day1)
    8.im_lost(Lynched Day2)
    10.Theslan(Psychic)(Wolfed Night3)
    11.Chocolate(Priest)(Wolfed Night2)

    TWGXII! Where everything that can go wrong for the wolves, does go wrong for the wolves.

    At first, I thought the wolves would do pretty well. Everyone was voting, it's easy for wolves to fix that and kill who they want. Unfortunately, x5 tried to vote by PM and didn't get my warning that it wasn't valid. It was a downhill slope from there. The guardian and the psychic automatically formed an alliance, because Theslan knew that a wolf would not lynch another wolf. Ana got a wolf both times she seered. (I think she was looking for humans both those times).
    In conclusion, I didn't like this game. I made the rules to try and balance the game, and luck made it the worst wolf loss ever.

    TWG XIII: The Adventures of the Lucky Seer Club
    Hosted by: Eternaly Lost
    Results: Werewolves Win
    MVP's: ??
    im_lost - Psychopath, Forensic Specialist (Wolfed night 3)
    ZeroByte - Wolf (Survived)
    Xentor - Psychic (Outnumbered)
    EMP Demon - Seer (Psycho-killed night 3)
    Aldaris - Seer Lover with Thansal (Outnumbered)
    Thansal - Converted Wolf (Survived), Vigilante, Lover with Aldaris
    Faskalia - Escape artist (escapes death day 1, day 2, outnumbered)
    Ana - Wolf (Survived)
    Chocolate - Guardian (Wolfed night 3)
    Petco - Priest, Detective (Psycho-killed night 2)
    Nightstalker - Wizard (Survived)
    Araithe - Wolf, Vampire (Survived)

    In an attempt to shift things toward the wolves, they were given a few buffs. However, due to the smaller-than-expected game size and the help that the psychopath provided to the werewolves, the first werewolf win ended up being a landslide victory.

    TWG XIV: Mystery at Rockyford
    Hosted by: Theslan
    Results: Humans Win
    MVP's: Soul Rider
    1. Eternaly_Lost [Magician] - wolf (instalynched day 3)
    2. Soul Rider [Trained Monkey] - human (Survived!)
    3. im lost [Tightrope walker] - guardian (Wolfed night 4)
    4. Xentor [Fire breather] - human (Survived!)
    5. Nightstalker [Security] - human (Survived!)
    6. Faskalia [RingMaster] - human (Survived!)
    7. Thansal [Strong man] - wolf (instalynched day 4)
    8. doomchica [Small Booth Vendor] - human (lynched day 1)
    9. Kassinger [Giftshop Vendor] - human (instalynched day 2)
    10. Petco [Security] - human (Survived!)
    11. Isamil [Clown] - Psychic (Wolfed night 2)
    12. Ana [Blind Costume Designer] - wolf (host killed at the end of day 4)
    13. TheFeniX [Security] - seer (Wolfed night 3)

    This game reused the idea of giving the wolves a buff of their choice. The wolves passed up the seemingly obvious choice of converting another player to their side and instead took Transparent Minds, which was used fairly well to support a fake seer ploy and to find the real seer and kill him. Unfortunately, the fake seer network was significantly weakened when the human in the network (im lost) was contacted by Soul Rider, part of the real seer network. This game also had a minigame, a search for clues to get a powerful artifact. The wolves might have had it if they hadn't misinterpreted a slightly confusing clue. Add on to that the fact that one of the werewolves became inactive, and this game just had too many little things go wrong for the wolves.

    TWG XV: Redemption
    Hosted by: EMP Demon
    Results: Wolves Win
    MVP: Eternaly Lost
    Theslan - Human (Lynched Day Four)
    Eternaly_Lost - Wolf (Wolfed Night Four)
    Thansal - Wolf (Survived)
    Comprox - Graeae (even) (Instalynched Day Six)
    Faskalia - Human (Lynched Day Three)
    TheFeniX - Human (Wolfed Night Seven)
    tjosan - Human (Lynched Day Two)
    Soul_Rider - Psychic (Wolfed Night One)
    im_lost - Human (Wolfed Night Two)
    Isamil - Guardian (Wolfed Night Five)
    Nightstalker - Wolf (Lynched Day Five)
    semipsychotic - Graeae (odd) (Wolfed Night Six)
    Xentor - Human (Did not survive)
    the_x5 - Human (Lynched Day One)
    Ana - Wolf (Survived)
    PlanetKiller - Human (Did not survive)

    Definitely a close game, I'd say the Graeae made things a lot closer than a single seer would have been. Despite the two networks being (barely) linked, Eternaly_Lost still managed to throw people off slightly by killing himself off once he got seered, naming two others as possible wolves. The wolves got a well-deserved win from their efforts.

    TWG XVI: Veiled Intentions
    Hosted by: EMP Demon
    Results: Wolves Win
    MVP: Eternaly Lost
    Eternaly_Lost (Redemption Onos) (Lynched Day One)
    Thansal (Silence/Celerity/Cara Xeno Skulk) - Even Graeae (Did not survive)
    im_lost (Silence/Cloak Fade) - Wolf (Survived)
    TheFeniX (Adren/Celerity Charge Onos) (Did not survive)
    Xentor (Silence Lerk) (Did not survive)
    Soul_Rider (Silence/Adren Gorge) (Wolfed Night One)
    Faskalia (Redemption/Celerity Gorge) - Psychic (Lynched Day Three)
    Nightstalker (Cloak Skulk) (Wolfed Night Two)
    Gwahir (Celerity+ Lerk) - Wolf (Survived)
    Isamil (Celerity/Focus Meta Fade) - Odd Graeae (Lynched Day Two)

    This game was fairly quiet. Eternaly Lost was pushing for activity day 1, but decided he should die. Thansal found Gwahir near the end, but the humans still failed to kill him. MVP goes to Eternaly Lost for helping the wolves win with his list of suspicions.

    TWG XVII: Codename: Pathfinder
    Hosted by: Nightstalker
    Results: Humans Win
    MVP = ??
    Emp_Demon - wolf (instalynched day 3)
    Eternaly_lost - guardian (survived)
    Thansal - human (survived)
    locallyunscene - psychic (survived)
    Caboose -human (wolfed night 3)
    Xentor - human (wolfed night 2)
    Soul_Rider - human (lynched day 1)
    Theslan - seer (survived)
    im_lost - wolf (instalynched day 2)
    TheFeniX - human (survived)
    Gwahir - human (Wolfed night 1)

    There was plenty of activity in this game. This game had a map for players to move around on that had lots of usable items to pick up. Eternaly Lost used the awp early on to kill Thansal, and locallyunscene created chaos early on with some wild accusations. However, the humans managed to pull together and find the wolves among them. This game also dragged out longer than it should have due to the limited availability of the host.
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    Noticing the difficulty that Freak83 was having in maintaining the signature thread, I have decided that this thread will instead have links to the images, showing the first set so that people can easily see what they look like. ZeroByte's sigs are in this post. Since Theslan is doing a good job keeping his post updated, just go here (three posts down from this one) to view the sigs he made.

    Green pip = Won as a human
    Blue pip = Won as a human special role
    Red pip = Won as a wolf/mafia/psychopath
    Purple pip = Hosted a game (does not count toward the "level" indicated on the image)

    Generic sig made by Theslan, for use if you don't have a personal sig to use yet.

    Last updated
    Theslan's sigs: December 9, 2007 (TWG XVI)
    ZeroByte's sigs: May 2, 2007

    image (Theslan's sig)

    image (ZeroByte's sig)

    Ana: (ZeroByte)
    BadKarma: (ZeroByte)
    BlackMage: (ZeroByte)
    Chakuu: (ZeroByte)
    CMEast: (ZeroByte)
    Condizzle: (ZeroByte)
    Crispy: (ZeroByte)
    doomchica: (ZeroByte)
    EMP Demon: (ZeroByte)
    Eternaly Lost: (ZeroByte)
    Freak83: (ZeroByte)
    GrayDuck: (ZeroByte)
    Gwahir: (ZeroByte)
    Harrower: (ZeroByte)
    Hellfire3k: (ZeroByte)
    iggymatrixcounter: (ZeroByte)
    im lost: (ZeroByte)
    Isamil: (ZeroByte)
    Lanfear: (ZeroByte)
    lolfighter: (ZeroByte)
    Mantrid: (ZeroByte)
    microcosm: (ZeroByte)
    Mouse: (ZeroByte)
    Necrotic: (ZeroByte)
    Nightstalker: (ZeroByte)
    Petco: (ZeroByte)
    Pithlit: (ZeroByte)
    Planetkiller: (ZeroByte)
    Quaunaut: (ZeroByte)
    Renegade: (ZeroByte)
    RobbyC: (ZeroByte)
    Sky: (ZeroByte)
    Snidely: (ZeroByte)
    Stukov: (ZeroByte)
    Swiftspear: (ZeroByte)
    Talesin: (ZeroByte)
    TheMuffinMan: (ZeroByte)
    Theslan: (ZeroByte)
    Thansal: (ZeroByte)
    wonedslackystyle: (ZeroByte)
    wnn: (ZeroByte)
    Xentor: (ZeroByte)
    ZeroByte: (ZeroByte)
    Zupico: (ZeroByte)

    To wear it, just right click the link and select "Copy link location". Or click on the link and then copy the url from the address bar. Just paste it between the
    [img] and [/img]

    tags in your sig.
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    Placeholder post, in case there are ever too many characters for one of the above posts.
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    Another placeholder post
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    ... accusations are so... accusing.
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    Hi, I am one of the signature creators of TWG.

    This post contains information of the signatures created by me. Click on the link by your name and you will get the image of your signature. You can use this however you want: put it in your signature, set it on fire, anything. For those who do not have a customize signature yet, you can use the general signature provided from the link below.

    To use the signature in the forums, use:

    For the standards on how these signatures work, look into the first post of this thread.

    If there's anything wrong, please feel free to PM me.

    Current version: Updated as of TWG XVII.
    Status: Up to date. Yeah, I know it's been a while

    [Level 3] Ana
    [Level 1] Araithe
    [Level 1] Bad Karma
    [Level 1] Blackmage
    [Level 1] Chakuu
    [Level 2] CMEast
    [Level 3] Condizzle
    [Level 1] Crispy
    [Level 1] Doomchica
    [Level 1] EMP Demon
    [Level 3] Eternaly lost
    [Level 1] Faskalia
    [Level 2] Freak83 (old, no longer updated)
    [Level 1] Grayduck
    [Level 2] Gwahir
    [Level 1] Harrower
    [Level 1] Hellfire3k
    [Level 1] Iggymatrixcounter
    [Level 3] Im lost
    [Level 3] Isamil
    [Level 2] Jhole
    [Level 1] Lanfear
    [Level 3] Locallyunscene
    [Level 3] Lolfighter
    [Level 2] Mantrid
    [Level 1] Microcosm
    [Level 3] Mouse
    [Level 1] Necrotic
    [Level 4] Nightstalker
    [Level 2] Petco
    [Level 2] Pithlit
    [Level 2] Planetkiller
    [Level 1] Quaunaut
    [Level 1] Renegade
    [Level 1] Robbyc
    [Level 3] Sky
    [Level 1] Snidely
    [Level 1] Soul Rider
    [Level 1] Stukov
    [Level 1] Swiftspear
    [Level 1] Talesin
    [Level 4] Thansal
    [Level 1] TheFenix
    [Level 1] TheMuffinMan
    [Level 2] Theslan
    [Level 1] WNN
    [Level 1] Wonedslackystyle
    [Level 4] Xentor
    [Level 2] Zerobyte
    [Level 1] Zupico

    General signature:
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    Click to grow this egg into a dragon. You can get yourself one by following the link.
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    Signatures for XIV need creating if possible...
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    hmm my sig needs some updating....

    *iFire` folds Eternaly_Lost_Desktop
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    something should be said about instalynch == no phantom votes (unless it is there and I missed it)
    <Eternaly_Lost> Me and lolfighter are lovers
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    QUOTE(Thansal @ Feb 18 2008, 07:42 PM) »
    something should be said about instalynch == no phantom votes (unless it is there and I missed it)

    It is, in the Instalynch Phantom Vote section:

    In the event of an instalynch - any player who has not voted that day will not receive a phantom vote.

    Edit: B'oh.
    QUOTE(Qomwak @ Jan 20 2007, 01:07 PM) »
    so i fi stand next to 2 dcs i get healed by all three of them?

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