War of the Servers

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Hour and 20 Minute long Machinima
Using Garrys Mod for over a year, Robert Stoneman filmed and directed a machinima video that is nothing short of excellent.

Here's a trailer for you.


Check out the full film at http://www.litfusefilms.com/movies/waroftheservers/



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    Isn't it weird how his first post is basically an advertisment? It's almost like he's a shill, except he's not getting paid. I bet it's all just one big coincidence and he's actually here to be a well-known member of the community and a much-loved contributor, and he just happened to post about this Garry's mod movie for his first post. Weird how that stuff works, huh?

    I saw a trailer for this thing and even that was too long for my tastes. I'll probably get around to watching the whole thing sometime but I have a feeling it's more for people who play a lot of (or any) Garry's Mod.
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    I asked him to post here promoting the film. It is long for a machinima, but it's very professionally produced and A LOT of hard work as gone into making it, it's a very very good film.
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    I'd watch it, but you have to download a plug-in that displays banners.

    And that's nooo good.
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    This looks really good, I have the torrent going but it's going to take a day of full bandwidth rapage.
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    Not too shabby at all. Had some funny moments and was very well done for a machina. Obviously a few things weren't perfect directing wise, but they aren't everyday directors. Was quite impressed with the map/model setups, voice-mouth syncing and general camera work. Fantastically done!
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    My favourite part was the explanation as to why the things died. lol :-)
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