[mwip] High Poly Infantry Portal

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It's High, and it's Poly

It's my High Poly Infantry Portal, all packed up and ready to go. This very fine model is 1021 polys, over the original 237. The new UVW map is 2x512, vs 1x256 of the original. However, I suck at skinning, so I did my best in applying the original skin to the model. It's not a full release, however, because I'm hoping that one day, someone will skin this. In the meantime, though, it's ready to use, and prettier than the original.

And now, screenshots:

There are four screens there. Two from the original IP, and two from mine. Lots of the model is smaller details, so I felt the comparison was necessary.

Download for this is currently available at FPSBanana. Link

That is the compiled model, and the UVW maps. I wish anyone that tries the best of luck in skinning it.
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