Fade Babiez Photo

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Cute baby Fade Spotted in the Wild
Someone snapped a photo of a baby Fade, cute n.n



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    Why did you have to deprive me of my sleep?
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    Well, that's just... what? I don't even.... Dude!
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    Yeah man someone censor the right part of the picture, it's too scary!

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    WTF. I hate this thread so much. :D

    edit: it's getting even creepier the longer I look at it.
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    That's digusting ... a bit funny ... But mostly digusting!
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    im glad you all enjoyed the documents as much as i have

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    wtf @ this peacock shadow on the wall. what a random picture. the girl looks a little apathetic.

    on the other hand ... can I cuddle, plx?
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    Mein God!
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    cool, now can we get one of him chopping her head off or something?
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