Natural Selection 2 News Update - _____, revealed



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    Never has anything so epic graced YouTube, nay, the internet itself.

    Although, the sound of the gorges footsteps seems a bit off. I know he's all squishy, but his feet are covered in bone. One would except a clunk for than a squish?
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    This is no less than awesome. Great job here UWE. Definitely put a huge grin on my face.

    edit: After a few further watchings I'd like to say two things:
    1. FADE
    2. The Gorge's view model seriously takes up an obnoxious amount of room on the screen. While it is definitely very nicely styled and detailed, I'd say it occupies almost 50% of the screen, especially during the idle "tooth lick" animation.
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    Soooo good. Love the tooth lick.
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    Lul it was quite funny
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    Please, please tell me you'll be releasing "gorge stair races" as a gameplay mode.
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    QUOTE (xposed- @ Apr 1 2010, 08:55 PM) »

    Never has anything so epic graced YouTube, nay, the internet itself.

    Although, the sound of the gorges footsteps seems a bit off. I know he's all squishy, but his feet are covered in bone. One would except a clunk for than a squish?

    Those aren't footsteps you're hearing. That's his fat slimy belly slapping against his pudgy thighs.

    His feet don't make clacking sounds because despite the appearance of boniness, they padding underneath evolved to make him completely silent. In fact, the silence upgrade is basically a treadmill to make him skinnier to prevent the fat slap and to get him to stop yawning every time he walks ten feet.

    Also: Best video yet.
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    Charlie on a new visual effect:
    QUOTE (Charlie Flayra @ Feb 10th 2011, 10:43PM)
    Oh my gosh. That's like predator mode but... on acid. That is SO cool looking. We have to figure out a way to put that in there!

    ... That is just badass.

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    wow!! hahaha
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    Ah ah very funny! Nice shadow too in the end!
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    Anyone else hoping the Gorge gets a headbutt move? :3

    Fade reveal in 3...2...
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    My goodness.
    The Gorge just gets more awesome every minute. Have you considered what would happen to game balance if every one on Aliens just played as a Gorge?
    I suspect that it would be as balanced, but just way more fun.
    Bring Back Natural Selection 1
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    I love stripping away commander to soldier relations and turning the game into a run to the hive and click mouse 1, and repeat till victory.
    While the commander plays his little rts game isolated from the rest of the team.
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    This video needs to be released to the public somehow. If I knew nothing about this game, this clip alone would make me want to purchase it.

    Also, is the mouth view thing a gimmick or part of the standard package for the gorge? I'd be cool either way, just curious.
    And I love that he can slide down stairs and not just ramps, plus the little noises as he bumps down, just too adorable.
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    I can imagine it now, the Marines walk up to some stairs, and a whole bunch of Gorges come sliding down at them. Ha

    Very Nice UWE, very nice.
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    I award you one hundred points for the video, and two hundred for fade design with dreds.
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    Transitions between animations are a bit awkward, but I guess that's the sort of thing that gets cleaned up after you have a playable build.

    More importantly, FADE.
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    whahahha!! Hilarius! I think im going to abuse that belly slide a lot!
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    LOL best thing I have seen...

    I already know the fun memories of ns (ooh the nostalgia) will be replaced by the ones made in NS2
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    lol, i had to laugh :)
    well done!
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    pure awesomness ... :D
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    This is the one video I'm showing to all the guys out here in Afghanistan to get them to buy this game and play with me. Genius!
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    wow, that just gave me an idea for the map creators out there, make a co map with a large and very long staircase, where the khraa starts at the top and the marines at the bot, all the khraa respawn as gorges, and make it so that if a marine gets hit by a fast sliding gorge, he will die, while if the fast sliding gorge hits a stationary object, the gorge will die... dodge the gorges!
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    I love you guys!
    I love you, and I'm eagerly waiting to meet the Fade... Waiting for the Alpha, over-excited..
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    That was hilarious, <3 fat sleepy gorges who bellyslide and hit their face.

    That fade shadow was just icing on the cake!
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    HELL YES, finally a game that allows to play it lazy style!
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    Awesome Vid xD i couldn't stop laughing :D

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    Great video, made me laugh :D
    I hope we still get a friday update ;-)
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    I love the mouth cam for gorge too, hoping it will be in alpha <3
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    Simply wonderful.
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