[mrel] Low Poly Marine Structures Pack

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It's a pack! of structures!
Finally, an entire pack. It has nine models, the ones listed below. I didn't do a turret factory, sentry turret, or seige turret; they've been done before, and pretty well too. If you want them, I suggest Ollj's low poly pack, or Arson's low poly turret pack.
The combined total of all of these models is 1212 polys. The combined total of the default models is 3575 polys. That means these models are a scant 34% of the orginal polycount. You could build three bases for the price of one! And you should!

Armory: 156 polys
Arms Lab: 116
Command Console: 177
Infantry Portal: 75
Observatory: 164
Phase Gate: 104
Prototype Lab: 158
Resource Nozzle: 48
Resource Tower: 214

Download here
Mirror at www.nsarmslab.com (Thanks, DeathKnight)

Download is available through my pack at FPSBanana
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