Steam : Could Not Load Library Client.dll

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(for NS 2.0 after installing Svencoop 3)
I just found an answer to my NS 2.x Steam crashing with this error message :

could not load library

Apparently this is due to Svencoop 3.0 installed on Steam.

Mod conflicts (client.dll)
This bug has been turning up a lot.

Some older mods may not work if you install Sven Co-op 3.0. This includes Natural Selection 2.0.

The reason for this is that a dll contained with Sven Co-op (fmod.dll, that is used by a wide range of mods) has been updated by its creators. The Sven Co-op team included the latest version of fmod.dll, but it is not backwards compatable, so any mods using an older version of fmod.dll will not work after SC 3.0 has been installed.

Your best solution is to keep two copies of fmod.dll and switch between them as necessary.

Only thing to remember, is that Sven Co-op will not work with the older fmod.dll installed.

A temporary fix can be found in this Svencoop Thread. With NS 3.X, this should (confused.gif) not happen.

I thought it woudl help a few folks here. Don't know if it was the right place to post it.

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