Ns_trane Layout

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Well it may be too late now to change anything but I was just going to make sure my layout was ok.


Any Feedback would help.

PS - I was just about ready to do a beta compile then my .rmf file went nuts. I got set back about a day.. Look for a beta Monday or Tuesday.

<edit> I didn't mark the Hives or the spawn, but the MS is down the bottom and the hives are where the infested textures are.
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    Looks entirely decent.

    Let's see a play test compile. biggrin.gif
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    Dude, I actually can't tell you how much I'm awaiting this map. I remember the first shots I saw, where you had a pipe running down the ceiling of a hallway, it was very low, stuf like that... wow, gjg jgjgjgjj
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    I didn't think anyone remembered my first few shots. I hope the rest of the map lives up to it.
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    I remember some screendhots whit a pipe running down a hallway... vaguely... looked pretty good. I'm assuming it was this.
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    Layout looks quite solid.

    Oh, and if you're thinking of submitting your map officially you might want to drop the r-speeds down a bit from 10,000. tounge.gif
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    is there a double-siege spot northwest?
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    scioskulk - The r_speeds are that high because it is drawing the entire map. It's fine at ground level.

    Ollj - There are no double hive seige points that I know of.. I'll double check now tho.

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    Great work, i really like the looka and feel to your map.

    Maybe in 1.03 it might reach?confused.gif

    Yea that tunnel shot looks good. More pics would be sweet.

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