Competitive West cost server please

SideWinder85SideWinder85 Join Date: 2013-01-02 Member: 177187Posts: 6Members
So were been playing these ensl matches in competitive play and the only server for a Australian team to play with any fairness in ping/ lag where it’s close to even is on a USA West Coast server against international teams. The only server that meets this requirement is the SNX West Coast server in LA, this is where Australians routing goes through where we get around 200ms +-30ms depending on isp and service. Most European, Korean, get around the same ping if not slightly better around 180 this is considered heaps better than playing on the supplied servers where the pings can be up to 100ms different between us and the international teams where we get 250ms and them around 130ms +-30ms. There is a demand for this server and a need for it to enable our teams to be more competitive playing on a more level playing field.


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