HELP: Looking for NS frag movies!

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One part of this work is done, and I am now releasing a download link for you to enjoy!
But first, I'd like to thank all the people that helped me to get these movies, especially jiriki and Fana.
The movies are hosted by, the long living and alive Finnish NS community site!

There are some rules though, at this stage we have only uploaded the files on the server, but we don't have any kind of file management system,
so I kindly ask you people NOT to hotlink these videos to your sites, you can give the link to the folder, but do not direct link the files.
Bandwidth isn't free in this world, and NSFI is paying for its own, and trying to provide you with free downloads, anyway, have fun and enjoy. wink-fix.gif provided by (thanks to jiriki)


I am currently trying to collect every NS fragmovie out there. So if you have anything I am missing, please contact me here on the boards, OR in irc @, my nick is harmaahylje on there.
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